Va de Bikes programa 75 Teledeporte

Our first stop will be the ski resort of Flachau in Austria for the E-Bike Festival, the world's largest electric bike event. Two days of competition where bikers pushed their bikes to the limit. World champions Jerome Gilloux and Nicole Göldi were the rivals to beat. It was a fight at the height of a great event.

We're off to the Utah desert in the USA to learn more about freeriding at the third Red Bull Formation. The premier women's mountain bike event. Twelve riders had the opportunity to train and sculpt their lines. A week of camaraderie to encourage more women to take up the discipline.

We'll finish with more freeride tricks from Croatia. Rider Marin Rantes and his friends, Daniel Dhers and Senad Grosic, took on narrow streets with plenty of obstacles to deliver some big tricks that are not to be missed.