Va de Bikes program 62 Teledeporte

In this edition we will go to Morocco to experience the Titan Desert. A mountain bike race with six very tough stages that we want to experience first hand. For this reason, we are accompanying the mixed team formed by Tomi Misser, an award-winning reference in the world of mountain biking. He is accompanied by Misha Sekulova, Spanish XCM champion in M30. A professional rider and an amateur cyclist in a team that combines professionalism, perseverance and sacrifice. We will experience their day-to-day life in the desert and in the mountains. Effort, understanding and desire to give the best of each one to achieve their goal.

If you want spectacle and adrenaline, don't miss the Red Bull Rampage that took place in Utah, USA. The freeriders delighted us with their incredible tricks that made more than one person's heart pound. A real challenge, not only physically but also mentally. Seeing is believing.