VadeBikes programa 46 Teledeporte

Look closely at the helmet, because in this edition we will start the program with a show and adrenaline, which offered us the Red Bull Monserrate Cerro Abajo. The two-time champion of Valparaiso Cerro Abajo, Czech rider Tomás Slavik, took the first big urban downhill race of the year with a frantic descent through the streets of Bogotá.

We will talk to you about the Appenninica MTB, a competition with seven stages and more than 450 km and about 16.000 meters of unevenness. A mixture of technical, fun and exhausting routes through the Italian Apennines.

We will go over the calendar of the World Cup of Cross Country and Downhill that will start this September.

And we will close the edition with the Austrian Fabio Wibmer, who during the confinement made, with his flatmates, a video that has gone viral on social networks in which the cyclist performs all kinds of household tasks with his bike.