La cultura no s'atura

We are carrying out different streamings of the project "La cultura no s'atura" of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Andorra. This project is a programme of joint cultural activities of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the municipalities of Canillo, Encamp, Ordino, la Massana, Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria that include the main cultural sectors (music, publishing, plastic and audiovisual arts, and performing arts), to contribute to energising Andorra's cultural life and to be a decisive and effective support for the various cultural sectors, which are heavily affected by the health crisis of Covid 19.

Culture has a double objective: to distribute cultural activity in a balanced and equitable way throughout the national territory, to help the cultural sectors that have seen an alarming reduction in their professional activity and to provide our citizens with the emotional support that cultural activity always offers.

+ 100 artists and 50 technicians and companies from the cultural sector: 12 plastic artists, 13 audiovisual creators, 23 writers and researchers, 26 actors and musicians, 23 lighting technicians, etc., in more than 4 art galleries, 8 audiovisual producers, 4 publishers, 4 bookshops, 1 cinema, etc.

50 cultural activities are offered in a balanced and equitable manner throughout the country and are distributed between December 1 and February 27.

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