Sebastian Steudtner

Have you ever imagined surfing the highest wave in the world? In the Portuguese village of Nazaré this dream can come true. For surfing enthusiasts, this is a mecca and must be visited at least once. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean and due to the proximity of the submarine canyon of this locality we can say that it produces what are considered the highest waves on the planet.
If there is a name of his own in this discipline, it is that of the German Sebastian Steudtner. He is a genius of the surfboard. On 29 October 2020 he surfed a 26.21-metre wave on the beach. His great performance earned him a world record.
Records are there to be broken and sooner or later an even bigger wave comes along that will allow you to continue making history on the immensity of the sea.
The fans knew this day would come and so did Steudtner and his team.