Va de Bikes program 26 Teledeporte

In this program we go to the Austrian Alps to experience the mythical Ötztal Cycle Marathon of road cycling. More than 4.000 participants had to battle on the bike against 238 kilometers of distance, 5.500 meters of unevenness ... and the unexpected visit of the rain.
And on our way back to Spain, we will pass through Pamplona where one of the most spectacular bike parks in the world was created, the Mirror Park. This park, totally incredible and unusual, is formed by hundreds of mirrors where the riders Courage Adams and Paul Thölen created unlikely lines and great tricks for the creation of this video.
We will close edition in New Zealand, where the Farm Jam 2018 was celebrated again. This contest brings together some of the most illustrious names in BMX, MTB and FMX. Pure adrenaline!